My emails (as PDFs) to mainly disparate Guvs
including their mainly, neutral, evasive, non-positive, non-responses (now I know they are part of this madpenic conspiracy)
280820-my response to gabinete-pm-gov-pt RE: OZONE.pdf click here to view
300820-another auto response click here to view
010920 my new improved logistical offer to go where the cowardly medics wouldn' click here to view
020920-ozone again- auto response gabinete-pm" click here to view
100920 reposte to my offer to go where cowardly medic wouldn't-pm@gov-pt.pdf click here to view
051120-pm costa-pt latest on the ground update.pdf click here to view
belem@presidencia-pt.pdf click here to view * response from Belem-presidencia-pt.pdf click here to view
I erroneously believed that the monologues with the Portuguese Guv would have elicitied a more positive response than an impolite brush-off.
After all, I was offering to put myself, a very high risk, hypertensive, clinically obese, septogenarian, into hazardous situations that their cowardly medics wouldn't put themselves.
I erroneously believed that their failure to control this pandemic might have resulted in a softening of their attitude to non-Portuguese assistance. Regrettably, it did not.

The emails below, with the exception of a few, are repetitive and berative.
I've included them to illustrate the pandemic, Guv collusion, or blinkered leadership.
I can't tell the difference, perhaps you can.
However, * The EU Health Office reply clearly reinforces a blinkered/conspiracy denial, financially induced, alimentary inserted, corporate golden elbow mindset - the kind only bestowed on heads of states and other self-interest driven, over-achievers.
scottish.ministers@gov-scot.pdf click here to view
statsradsberedningen-registrator@gov-se.pdf click here to view
presidente@pec-governo-it.pdf click here to view
Mark.Drakeford@gov-wales.pdf click here to view
partido popular-es.pdf click here to view: partido popular response-es.pdf click here to view
PM-jacinda.ardern-nz.pdf click here to view
PM justin-trudeau.pdf click here to view
rfkhumanrights.pdf click here to view
prof c.whitty-nhs-net (uk chief covid fighter.pdf) click here to view
ec-president-vdl@ec-europa-eu.pdf click here to view * EU Health office Reply (2020).pdf click here to view
my response 2 EU health office reply.pdf click here to view
charlottereporter in NZ.pdf click here to view
katherine.viner chief ed-theguardian uk.pdf click here to view
comunediroccafiorita-it.pdf click here to view
And while you are reeling from this onslaught, you might as well ponder this conundrum:
Guvs still enrich the rich - even in a pandemic crisis. click here to view


(These are marked with M Should the leader tag spike your interest just copy/paste it into BITCHUTE.COM (US$50/year - best $50 you'll ever spend) using duckduckGo or TOR - never Google.

A reassuring word about DocMerc and his website
I have been accessing his site for about a very long time. I would be lying if I claimed I could remember - probably, maybe - twenty years+.
In that time I have been banned from commenting on his opinions as well as some of his pronouncements, and I formed the opinion that he was a self-serving, plagiaristic charlatan, with a diaphanous skin.
But, hey! No one is perfect.
I suppose, like most of us with a legitimate business to run, he has bills to pay, webste engineers, researchers, telesales and everything else - so he has to hustle.
However, today I am impressed by his resolute ability to stand up and say what he says, particularly against big hitting, visible, financial-muscle thugs, like greedy BIGBILLIONAIREGATES, greedy Schmidt and their equally greedy, invisible, opportunistic, BIGbillionare associates as well as THE SLIMEY JOE ADMINISTRATION and GUV enforcement agencies- all acting for the greater good (sic).
And, throughout this conspiracy virus 'pandemic' - contrary to what the thug Gates would have the world believe - DocMerc has come through like a true diamond.
Doc Merc is banned on all Google associated sites and all social media sites.
His bank accounts have been shut down and his websites are constantly under attack.
BIGBILLIONAIREGATES and his uber-rich associates are working to shut him down.
Spy Agencies Threaten to 'Take Out' Mercola Mclick here to view
Dr. Mercola Defamed by Digital 'Anti-Hate' Group Mclick here to view
Lies Exposed: CSPI’s Organized Attack Against Mercola Mclick here to view
This is the new democracy at work (think Julian Assange)

When your site is banned from Google, Youtube and others, and THE SLIMEY JOE ADMINISTRATION lists you as PUBLIC ENEMY No. ONE it is automatically implied that, that particular site is spreading ultra-fascist World domination, racism, hate and violence against anyone whom you don't like in your neighbourhood, or just anywhere on our overcrowded Planet.
Or disinformation/fakenooz as well as stuff that THE ESTABLISHMENT feels uncomfortable, about every other person, with an internet connection. knowing.
And when a long-time established, medical site, aimed at improving Global health awareness is banned by Google, Youtube, and others, little alarm bells should start ringing somewhere in your brain - that is if you have a functioning one.
It is a distressing fact that 95% of our Planet's population do not have much functioning logic allied to their brain activity.
To democratically allow these people the same voting rights as the 5%, with functioning logic in their brain, is extremely undemocratic.
This is how the likes of the EX-POTUS Trump (unsubstantiated relation of Cletus Spuckler) capitalised on their target voters' no-brainer preferences - in order to seize power.
Funny thing, We might as well use the Lascaux Cave drawings as road maps to the future - koz the nature of 95% of mankind appears to have remained unchanged over tens of thousands of years.
The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) & World Health Organisation (WHO?)
Those upstanding, self-serving organisations, The CDC and the WHO, charged with controlling our health and welbeing, might just be attempting to control us instead. You don't believe me?
Why would WHO hire the same spin doctors who convinced us that smoking was good for us, or that invading Iraq was good for us, too?
Recently they set up Celeb Endorsements spin, presumably to soften us up to focus on the coming pandemic war demands. It is known in the mind-manipulation trade as Soft Power.
You'll be relieved to know that Tobacco industries, with a 1B£$ ad campaign, are using it too, bombarding your kids with peer=power, just to get them hooked on nicotine. However, I digress.
Soft power manipulation of the masses click here to view
YouTube (google) CEO Vows to Censor Anyone Speaking Against WHO Mclick here to view
And WHO would hire the World's third largest PR firm to correlate their 'pandemic'.
The Real Force Behind The COVID War Propaganda Mclick here to view
And should you be unable to stomach all this completely outrageous, totally unfounded, pandemic conspiracy bullpoo then read this; click here to view and this click here to view
All achieved simply through your complacency and your gullibility.

In addition to these gems, the CDC and the WHO don't want this information here in general circulation,
BIKOZ they and their friends won't make the $$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$,$$$ they hope to make peddling the vaccine that might work, with, or without, additional health risk exposure -
much like their predecessors did with SARS and AVIAN/SWINE FLU vaccines How do I know this?
Dr Brownstein revealed, in his interview with DocMerc, that the CDC threatened removing his licence to practice, after he stopped the covid in its tracks, when he saved one man's certain death, after he was sent home from the hospital - to die - then DocBrownstein revealed this fact on his blog, even although H202 is a naturally occurring product of our bodies' immune defences. You might want to ask yourself why they would want to do that?

But as the BIG PHARMA manufacturers have been given TOTAL GUV immunity, this time, in case their vaccines kill you, or worse - they maims you - you get the message that they are not all that interested in your continued welbeing.
The uber-GIGA-RICH are aiming to become the super-uber-TERA-RICH!
However, with this level of incompetence/complicity/cover-up/denial/denial and dezambezi flying around, it is akin to holding back the tides, before reality takes over.
Should you not have twigged yet, that the better-connected in our society are 'in' on something on which the rest of us can't, or won't put our fingers, then compare what is really happening, to what your Guv claims is happening..
Perhaps stop blindly trusting your Guvs, and definitely start joining up the dots.
It appears to academics and other informed medical observors/commentators, who have the knowledge and the time to join up the dots and be able to understand the sub-text, who are then rapidly discredited, snatched out of their homes at 2.a.m. by the riot squad, then banged-up without charges being brought, and/or denounced as charlatans by the MEE2 WANNABE TRILLIONAIRES ESTABLISHMENT/CLUB (and as of this moment, this is just in the youessofhay, but probably in more oppressive parts of our Planet, too), that we are fast approaching an existential crisis, the like of which our civilisation has never known.
We shall exist, but the vast majority of us shall exist as trackable slaves only - slightly different than it is today.
COVID-19 Destroys the Weakest and Poorest
A while ago, I had a set of images showing a Covid free temple in Mwanza, Tanzania, with maskless, social distanceless persons plus a family witness, who said there was no 'VID19 there.
Well! It's just another a lie and conspiracy - not unlike the real thing wot most of yous is swallowing wholesale.
From our man on the Serengeti, we received this gem.
The Tanzanian Guv received 32M euros from the EU as Covid pandemic aid.
The Tanzanian Guv claimed there was 'no Covid here', then subsequently trousered all the cash.
Meanwhile Tanzanians are going down like whales.
And recently, so did their corrupt presidente. Bad nooz sure travel fast.
Hey! This be the Dark Continent.
Officials, elected, or otherwise, are not corrupt.
They just can't resist cash with no strings, or living witnesses, even.
European corruption travels well and these chaps appear to pick things up pretty quick.
I can't wait to see what effect Chinoise corruption will have on them. However, I digress.
On the upside, I don't mind appearing paranoid stupid - just as long as I know when I'm being it.

How many globally dead so far, from the alleged 'VID ???,??? - a lot less than the undocumented, unvetted numbers your trusted Guv is claiming!
Here's a thought. Why is no one dying of the flu this year? Is this demonstrating the efficacy of the flu vaccine?
Or is this just another UGUV manipulation of the data of the dead, wot leaves a nasty smell in the air?
We really need to pay attention to what our 'public servants' are really saying, then join up the dots.
And using a discredited piece of medical technology (PCR test), to falsely boost the number of infections by EIGHTY PERCENT is pushing UGUV credibility to infinity - and beyond.
Some hospital medicos are claiming that their hospitals are 'encouraging' them to certify 'VID as A-N-Y cause of death.
The reason being that those uessofhay hospitals are being 'encouraged' (by shy sources) to increase the number of 'VID cadavers on the promise of alleged kickbacks, amounting to several hundred $$$/'VID cadaver.
However, it might only takes one, genuine, ripe infectado to start a 'madpenic', or just a faulty PCR diagnostic test!
Well, apart from UGUV, who can say.

Restrictive lockdown failures are the result of indiscriminate, reckless behaviour by the inconsiderate, the irresponsible, the miscreants, the delinquents, the moroons and the eejits, representative of 95% of the global/local populace.
You might be wondering why we still accept. and still practise, democracy - in which everyone is, allegedly, equal, according to their voting capability - and is, apparently (to the ever-populists) the 'fairest' way to run our 21stC. society.
(Populist politicians are already ahead of the game and using it to take advantage of this 95% and lo!
Viktor Orbán of Hungary, Donald Trump of youessofaye, Narendra Modi in India, Recep Erdoğan of Turkey, plus many more, rear their racist, eugenic populist heads.)
But let us get back to these 95%.
How do you control them? By getting more police? By shackling their ankles to their bed posts?
By putting them in jail? By fining them?
Or, by asking these inconsiderates, irresponsibles, miscreants, delinquents, moroons and eejits, to change their ways?
And follow GUV directions. Fat chance on any of that.
A leapord will change its spots faster than this 95% will change their behaviour and attitudes.
This is akin to holding back the tides. All of this is thinking VERTICALLY.
As can be seen by the exponential increase in deaths as well as fake infections, this methodolgy is clearly not working.
(However, THE FEAR appears to be eating the souls, of, at least, the most gullible and Guv trusting.)
So when your GUVS realise that this 95% cannot be controlled, policed, or jailed, what can they do?
The solution is to think LATERALLY. Or to think like an ostrich.
Short of shooting them with 24-hour, tranquiliser darts, let people behave like they behave.
Give them the information (described below) to either, resist becoming infected by fortifying their immune systems, or the information to stop this covid infection in an hour or two (as proven by youessofhay doctors - who subsequently had their medical licences to practice threatened with cancellation should they continue to promote the fact).
What is that all about?
Because, this is becoming more evident by the day, that the methods currently being used - masks, social distancing, lockdowns are having little, if any effect.
This is seriously remiss of UGUV's, tantamount to treachery and betrayal to withhold this information from their sandbagged electorate, so that their uber-rich chums can get uber-uber-richer.
However, as we are now on W-A-R AGAINST COVID footings, any signs of intransigence, by not accepting 100% of UGUV's dictates, shall be deemed 'traitorous', and, under W-A-R rules, these 'traitors' shall be removed to a place where they can be hosed down with the most virulent covid known only to those who made it - in this case Porton Down - breeding ground for all things, British WMDs (from where the nerve gas wot killed Kim Jong-nam emanated - but, you saw that in the doco on deeteevee.) However, I digress.
Monsanto's Worst Nightmare, Exposing the Green Revolution Mclick here to view
Doctor Fauci: Expert or COVID-19 Accomplice? Mclick here to view
Dr. Fauci's Chilling Ties to the Chinese Communist Party Mclick here to view
Why Was Dr. Fauci Funding Wuhan Lab Research? Mclick here to view
Dr Fauci Backpedals on Vitamin C and D Recommendations Mclick here to view
Fauci's thin end of the wedge: Experimental COVID-19 vaccine is experimental gene therapy may become mandatory Mclick here to view

the 1986 ACT movie interview click here to view
in the event of google censorship click here to view
Mclick here to view
(Latest at the top, read from here)
Watch 'Sorry To Bother You' on NETFLIX: Made 2 years before the 'fake pandemic' hit our world
Dr Reiner Fuellmich (German lawyer): “This is Worse Than What Happened in the Third Reich” click here to view
American Front Line Doctors website deleted from Internet by AMAZON - Still believe Bezos is a nice guy?
Should You Fear the COVID Delta Variant? Mclick here to view
Eric Clapton Details His Vaccine Injury click here to view
Media Continue Fake News Campaign Against Mercola Mclick here to view
Inventor of mRNA Interviewed About Injection Dangers Mclick here to view
The Real Reason We Locked Down the Healthy Mclick here to view
Fear Is The REAL Pandemic and UGUV is using it to Control You Mclick here to view
Now The FDA Attacks Dietary Supplement Sold for 57 Years Mclick here to view
48 hour course of this kills 99.8% of post 'vaccine' COVID in 48 Hours: Mclick here to view
Big Pharma and Media Are Puppets for These 2 Notorious 'Investment' Firms Mclick here to view
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CDC Lying With Statistics to Make the Vaccine 'Appear' to Work Mclick here to view
The Day the World Stood Together and the Media Suppressed it Mclick here to view
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Cupid’s needle? UK under-30s wooed with dating app vaccine bonus click here to view
HIV after Covid: Fauci and army of researchers seek to regain momentum click here to view
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Coming COVID Commission Is a BIGBILLIONAIREGATES-Led Cover-Up;
just like BIGBILLIONAIREGATES led WHO Wuhan cover-up - no surprises there, then.
Mclick here to view
Microchip Can Detect COVID Before You’re Sick: Tells UGUV where you are & what you are thinking
Your privacy is no more - THE MINORITY REPORT JUST GOT REAL Mclick here to view
German actors face backlash over ‘cynical’ Covid lockdown videos
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Holocaust Enabler Now Making COVID-19 Passports. IBM Colluded With Hitler to Eradicate Jews.
Now IBM colludes with BIG Billionaires to help eradicate humanity
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Updates from AFLDS-American Front Line Doctors
Former Pfizer VP to AFLDS: ‘Entirely Possible This Will be Used for Massive-Scale Depopulation’ click here to view
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Do This at the First Sign of COVID Symptoms.
Costs Peanuts. Saves Lives in Meanuts! Mclick here to view
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Covid 'probably' passed to humans from bats, or any other non-verbal animal, finds WHO report
(like we didn't know already)
(Q. Does this scientist look convincing, with financially induced, alimentary tract inserted, corporate elbows?
A. Not found here)
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There's no 'proof' AstraZeneca vaccine causes blood clots. Just Norway's Health Sevice word against this guy's.
Why can't we know the troof?
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Wuhan Covid leak cover up starts here Mclick here to view
(Why is the media spouting 'fake nooz', instead of REAL nooz???? Koz BIG BRO got the frighteners on them)

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Still not convinced?
A year after Wuhan alarm, China seeks to change 'VID origin story
Easy, when you control the thought police. Much like Murdoch does. click here to view
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MDr. Mercola Interview Videos with Healthcare Professionals Banned by Google: view them all here click here to view
Chinese Owned Forbes Magazine Attacks Mercola — Gives One Hour Window to Respond Mclick here to view
Armed police raid home of Florida scientist fired over 'VID-19 data click here to view
Spy Agencies Threaten to 'Take Out' Mercola Mclick here to view
Dr. Mercola Defamed by Digital 'Anti-Hate' Group Mclick here to view
Lies Exposed: CSPI’s Organized Attack Against Mercola Mclick here to view
Top Medical Journal Caught in Massive Covid Cover-Up Mclick here to view

How To Start A 'Pandemic': (1)WHO Changes definition of pandemic
(2)WHO stipulates discredited scientific procedure (PCR) to boost false positive madpenic
Mclick here to view
The PCR test and its 4 out of 5 false positives (20% accurate)
The PCR test, back story - what you didn't know, until now.
COVID Testing Strategy Labels Healthy People as Sick Mclick here to view
The COVID-19 Testing Scam, 8 in 10 Are False Positives Mclick here to view
COVID-19 Testing Scandal Deepens Mclick here to view
Former Pfizer Science Officer Reveals Great 'VID-19 Scam Mclick here to view
PCR Test Manufacturer Claims 'VID-19 Is a Scam Mclick here to view

The Emperor's new clothes/boatrace/conspiracy virus that just keeps on giving
The reason is simple. These uber-rich billionaires are not blessed with either cerebral logic, or sublime intellect.
They rely on brute-manipulation of the intellectually challenged, flock-mentality fear and the il-informed igorance of the masses.
(This is how populist politicians obtain control). That and the promise of jam tomorrow.
Think Orwell's ANIMAL FARM in which, 'two legs b-a-a-a-d', four legs g-o-o-o-d, was followed shortly by, four legs g-o-o-o-d, tw-o-o legs b-e-e-t-t-a-a-a-h !'.
And while you are at it, think Arnie's Total Recall.
So, here is the non-stop giving-gift:
ALL THE LINKS BELOW ARE GONE but copy them into your browser (not GOOGLE) and see what pops up.
Documentary: Tracking Down the Origin of 'VID-19 Mclick here to view
Tobacco Company Is Making 'VID-19 Vaccine Mclick here to view
Hong Kong Whistleblower Alleges 'VID-19 Cover-Up Mclick here to view
'VID Advances New World Order — The Empire of Billionaires Mclick here to view
How 'VID-19 Will Affect Medical Malpractice and You Mclick here to view
Nobel Laureate Calls 'VID-19 Manmade Mclick here to view
42% of All 'VID-19 Deaths Occurred in Nursing Homes Mclick here to view
Bold Action Required to Defeat Second Wave of 'VID-19 Mclick here to view

How Bill Gates Is Making Your Healthcare Decisions Mclick here to view
Bill Gates — Most Dangerous 'Philanthropist,' in Modern History? Mclick here to view
BIGBILLIONAIREGATES Adds Pharma 'Fact' Checkers to Microsoft Products Mclick here to view
How BIGBILLIONAIREGATES Monopolized Global Health Mclick here to view
Can You Trust BIGBILLIONAIREGATES and his paid for WHO With 'VID-19 Pandemic Response? (stoopid question) Mclick here to view
BIGBILLIONAIREGATES Secretly Dictates Global Food Policy Too Mclick here to view
BIGBILLIONAIREGATES and his BILLIONAIRE cronies Co. Desperate to Destroy Mclick here to view
Spy Agencies Threaten to 'Take Out' Mercola Mclick here to view

Melinda BIGBILLIONAIREGATES - the nice evil other half of the EVIL BIGBILLIONAIREGATES (just how do they find each other?)
Is there some alternative dating site where the ugly, evil, uber-rich people go to find each other - we'll probably never know – unless we’re uber-rich, too???) Mclick here to view
BIGBILLIONAIREGATES Tries to Justify Side Effects of Fast-Tracked Vaccine Mclick here to view
BIGBILLIONAIREGATES 'Extreme Post-'VID-19 Plans for the World Mclick here to view
More on snide cover-ups click here to view
On top of this we have the real globalisation turning The Earth into a prison planet.
It’s all out there you just have to take the time to piece the puzzle together Mclick here to view
The Great Global reset: Unmasking the villains Mclick here to view
Fear Secures Obedience in 'VID-19 War Mclick here to view
Why 'VID-19 Is Not the 3rd Leading Cause of Death click here to view

7 Things That Could Happen if You Refuse a COVID-19 Vaccine Mclick here to view
Testing the Most Effective Method to Manipulate Minds Mclick here to view
The Pressing Dangers of Technocracy Mclick here to view
The Role of Metabolic Health in Better 'VID-19 Outcomes click here to view
Forbes Magazine - the World's richest who's who, caught in Blatant Censoring Act Mclick here to view
Cover-Up of SARS-CoV-2 Origin? Mclick here to view
YouTube and Spotify follow in the footsteps of Twitter, Google and NewsGuard in banning my videos, most of which are interviews with health experts sharing their medical expertise and viewpoints on 'VID-19.
What are they trying to hide from you? Mclick here to view
CNN Spreads Deadly Lies About Vitamin D for 'VID-19 Mclick here to view
The Billionaires Who Are Cashing in on the Pandemic Mclick here to view

Global Health Mafia Protection Mclick here to view
'VID-19: A Leaked Virus Jointly Created by US and China? Mclick here to view
'Plandemic' Documentary Mclick here to view
USA Today Smears Mercola Over Vitamin C and D Information Mclick here to view
Former CNN Anchor Speaks Out on Media Censorship Mclick here to view
Lawsuits Begin Over SARS-CoV-2 Lab Leak Mclick here to view
Operation Warp Speed — A Technocratic Chess Piece? Mclick here to view
New App Requires Reporting of People Sneezing or Coughing Mclick here to view
'VID Symptoms of Power: Tech Billionaires Harvest Humanity Mclick here to view
Links for the foremost issues start here
James Murdoch says US media 'lies' unleashed 'insidious forces' click here to view
Sentenced to 4 Years in Prison for Questioning the COVID-19 Narrative Mclick here to view
COVID Mysteries That No One Wants To Explain Mclick here to view
What's Causing the Severe COVID-19 Vaccine Reactions? Mclick here to view
The Type of Fat You Eat Affects Your COVID Risk Mclick here to view
UK Authorities Shut Down Vitamin D Recommendation for COVID Mclick here to view

Dr. Mercola Defamed by Digital 'Anti-Hate' Group Mclick here to view
Is SARS-CoV-2 Everywhere? Mclick here to view
These Sheriffs Are the Difference Between Freedom and Tyranny Mclick here to view
Die covid reich! Sieg Bill! Lockdown sceptics click here to view
Is Mutated COVID Virus Promoted to Justify New Lockdowns and
Is the reality of Prison Planet closer than we think?
Mclick here to view
Cut Ties With COVID-Driven Fear, 7-Day Thought Rewiring Plan Mclick here to view

How Your Gut Health Impacts Your Disease Risk click here to view
Will You Eat Cultured Meat Grown From Human Cells? Mclick here to view
Why Lockdowns Don’t Work and Hurt the Most Vulnerable Mclick here to view
Air Travel and Masks: What You Need to Know Mclick here to view
COVID-19's Sinister Hidden Agenda Mclick here to view
FaceTime Farewells: Grief in COVID Era Mclick here to view
This Investigation Destroys Lockdown Logic click here to view
The Orchestrated Plan to Rob You of Christmas click here to view
Caught Red Handed, Wuhan Researchers Could Face Prison click here to view

Lawsuits Begin Over SARS-CoV-2 Lab Leak click here to view
Vitamin C Treatment for Covid blocked by FACEBOOK'S Fact Checkers
(you know it makes sense - non-sense) Mclick here to view
How Long Will We Ignore the Truth About Vitamin D? Mclick here to view
How Changing the Definition of the word Pandemic by The WHO, Altered Our World Mclick here to view
Can You Legally Refuse the 'VID-19 Vaccine? Mclick here to view
Asymptomatic People Do Not Spread the 'VID-19 Mclick here to view
Four Lingering Side Effects of 'VID-19 click here to view

The Great 'VID-19 Swindle, Look Who's Getting Rich Mclick here to view
Coronavirus Fraud Scandal — The Biggest Fight Has Just Begun Mclick here to view
Majority Are Already Immune Against SARS-CoV-2 Mclick here to view
What Happens When Billionaires 'Buy' the News? Mclick here to view
Eradicates Two of the Biggest 'VID-19 Risk Factors Mclick here to view
The Tools They (The powers that think they be) Use to Keep You in Fear About 'VID-19 Mclick here to view
More Experts Point to SARS-CoV-2 Being Created in a Lab click here to view
Be Aware of This 'VID-19 Home Treatment - It Could Kill You Mclick here to view
Heading Your Way: 10 Vile Vaccine Brainwashing Techniques Mclick here to view
Testing the Most Effective Method to Manipulate Minds Mclick here to view

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Explains Well-Known Hazards of Coronavirus Vaccines Mclick here to view
October 24, 2020, Robert F. Kennedy, founder of Children’s Health Defense, gave this online “International Message of Hope for Humanity” speech Mclick here to view
Should Masks Continue? What Science Shows After Nine Months Mclick here to view
What the Research Really Says About Face Masks for 'VID-19 Mclick here to view
How 'VID-19 Vaccine Trials Are Rigged Mclick here to view
Zinc Is Key for 'VID-19 Treatment and Prevention Mclick here to view
Make Pain Disappear and Radically Reduce Your 'VID-19 Risk Mclick here to view
A Half-Million Sharks To Be Killed for 'VID-19 Vaccine Mclick here to view
Combining Anthrax With SARS-CoV-2 - Biodefense or Insanity? Mclick here to view
Monsanto-Bayer (IG-Farben)-Sponsored Panel Featured CSPI Food Policy Group Mclick here to view
Brainwashed by the 1%. Are we merely puppets on a string? Mclick here to view
Top CDC Health Official Cashes in on Merck Stock Mclick here to view
I suppose living with a name like hers, she deserves the 16,$$$,$$$,$$$.

Finally, should you have reached this point, you should be ready for a reality check.
Google — A Dictator Unlike Anything the World Has Ever Known Mclick here to view
Don’t Panic About Politics — Here’s Where Your True Power Lies Mclick here to view