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The Uncensored History of AIDS - Interview With Celia Farber

In this video, I interview journalist Celia Farber about her recently republished book, "Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS." As a young reporter working for SPIN magazine, Farber started questioning the official narrative around AIDS, and this book is the outgrowth of her decades-long investigation into and writing about this "hot potato" topic.

Journalist Celia Farber is the author of “Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS.” In it, she highlights the work of virologist and retrobiologist Peter Duesberg, who since 1987 has insisted that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.

According to Duesberg, retroviruses such as HIV are harmless and do not cause disease. And, up until Dr. Robert Gallo claimed he’d discovered HIV in his laboratory in 1984, and determined that it caused AIDS, this was the scientific consensus.

Duesberg was vehemently attacked by AIDS researchers and activists, and internationally discredited by media for not going along with the AIDS narrative promoted by the medical establishment, led by Dr. Anthony Fauci.

As with COVID-19, one of the key tools used to promote the “HIV causes AIDS” narrative was the use of the PCR test. There are also other similarities to what happened with COVID, including the vilification and discrediting of scientists and therapies that could effectively address the disease.

Bactrim was an inexpensive generic drug that effectively treated AIDS-related pneumocystis carinii pneumonia, which was frequently fatal. This drug, like ivermectin, was withheld. Instead, Fauci insisted AIDS patients be treated with AZT, a horrendously toxic and expensive cancer drug that was never proven to work, and which killed an estimated 300,000 AIDS patients, most of them gay men.

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  • Never forget they all knew…everything we have been told for decades has been lies.

  • Esteemed writer Jon Rappoport unearthed the AIDS scandal decades ago. His articles continue to draw correlations between the numerous "epidemics" and political agendas of what we now know as the "uniparty".

  • Thanks Joseph for this interview with Celia. And thanks Celia for your consistent courage in telling the truth about this AIDS War on Humanity; and while wounded yourself, supporting casualties of that war like Peter Duesberg, Christine Maggiore, and Liam Scheff. I was primed in 1991 with The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS by Michael Fumento and I did a deep dive into AIDS in April 2020 when Covid-1984 came on as I had a sense they were connected and found, as you and others have, they indeed were/are. Keep free then safe.

  • Fauci and the scumbags that own him are the lowest vibrational, passive aggressive, narcissistic cowards that could ever be conceived of. That's a big reason why they get away with it. And the MSM is absolutely public enemy #1.

  • Dr Judy Mikovits has been saying this for a long time

  • Wow Celia actually said it at 35:20 -- "trained Jesuit" -- perfect. Finally.

  • 54:30 in -- "advocating for a complete inversion" -- this is Zionic teaching 101. Everything she describes fits other descriptions given to Jesuits over the millennia. Amazing interview. Finally some harsh truth.

  • Anyone can have a positive result. So the questionnaire is used to determine which positive results are taken at face value and which are simply discarded as being a false positive. Let's look at 2 different people as an example. A gay man who, through the questionnaire, reveals that he has had unprotected sexual encounters with 150 different men each year for the last 20 years. A 75 year old woman who has been married to the same man since 1970, is in perfect health, and is only requesting the test because her insurance company requires it of her for the renewal of her life insurance policy. When the doctors/lab technicians find the gay man to be testing positive, it is assumed that he is. If the 75 year old woman also tests positive, it is assumed to be a false positive and she is given a diagnosis of negative. If the gay man tests negative, it may be assumed that this is correct but other factors are usually factored in prior to giving a final diagnosis, such as the man's current overall health, and the responses he gave in the questionnaire. If the 75 year old woman tests negative, it is simply taken for granted as being a correct diagnosis, based on nothing more than her answers in the questionnaire. The threshold level of the test is not being adjusted differently for each subject. No results are being discovered which couldn't also be found in the rest of the population. The ultimate basis for determination of the patients 'HIV' status comes from their own answers in their questionnaires, not from scientific inquiry. Illnesses which are associated with AIDS are sometimes more prevalent in gay men (since the lifestyle has a heavy correlational with bad choices and drug use), though they are found throughout the population (such as respiratory illnesses, etc), however it is the Gay community which are requesting the bulk of the HIV tests and therefore most of those diagnosed as being positive are Gay

  • Viruses don’t exist.

  • This late- 2019 c-span video was brought to the attention of Eric Francis Coppolino's readership some time back, characterized by him as a marketing meeting on how to make influenza more "sexy", like cancer... "Put a gown on it".... to introduce the new tech they were trying to sell: https://www.c-span.org/video/?465845-1/universal-flu-vaccine Worth the time.

  • The H.I.V. deception We all carry substances within our blood which can be attributed to HIV or anything else that they desire to claim that we test positive for, in the same way that over the past 3 years we've seen that even a piece of fruit or some inanimate object can test positive for Covid. None of us carry the 'HIV' virus. However, we can all be told that we test positive for 'HIV' antibodies. No trace of actual virus can be found in any person, only whatever is all part of our genetic make-up. This is why when someone goes for an HIV test they are bombarded with questions concerning their sex life and their history of drug use. You see, the test can come back as positive for anyone since we all carry the substances which can trigger the test, although all people are different and some carry higher concentrations of these genetic substances than others. How the test works is that an "antibody" count level threshold is established to act as a baseline in determining when the test will be interpreted as positive. This threshold is the guide, anyone with count levels above the baseline will be given a result of positive, those below it will be given a result of negative. Why is there this need for the questionnaire? If they CAN test for something then they SHOULD simply test for it. If your auto mechanic is checking to see if your brakes need replacing he doesn't ask you if you often carry a lot of female passengers or drive on lots of winding roads or what your sexual orientation is, he simply inspects the brakes, and by that act alone he can determine their condition. You see, no actual testing for a virus is being carried out. Again, no one has HIV, yet everyone carries a myriad of genetic particles, any of which can simply be labeled HIV antibodies when a positive result shoes up on one of those flawed tests. CONTINUED BELOW.

  • Oh I love Celia Farber! Truth warrior.

  • Not only is ChatGTP biased, it also spits out outlandish lies; tis not to be trusted.

  • I don't think most people woken up, not at all. Most are not. Have you been to California lately? A lot of people are still walking alone with masks on, driving with masks 3 1/2 years later. You can't broach any serious talk about vax injuries or say anything negative about Fauci to most people.

  • What about Dr Debra Birx? No one ever speaks about her anymore. Why?